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Carlo Jans: The sound of the flute has fascinated me since childhood, so close to the human voice. That is why the meaning of the word “flute” is “human breath”. From all the sounds that humans can produce, the flute tone is the purest, the most perfect expression.

The flute is the most natural instrument. The sound is generated by the human body, an extension of the voice. The sound is produced through the breath, the tongue, and the finger, without intermediate technical tool such as tube leaf, bow, hammer, string…so the flute of the human instrument is the closest to the human voice.


It is magical.

The immense, seemingly inexhaustible virtuosity impressed me as a child as well. Also, the brilliance of the instrument, the flute always being above the rest of the orchestra, leading the orchestra in some way. Being soloist or mixed with other instruments, it is always audible. This certainly also influenced my choice to learn the flute, and as a second instrument the violin.