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Open to new musical horizons, Jans studied conducting under Jan Stulen and Jean-Philippe Rieu at the Royal Music Academy of Music in Maastricht (Conducting Diploma with honours), followed by a Postgraduate Diploma at the "Zuid Nederlandse Hogeschool voor Muziek". Further conducting studies with Jorma Panula in St.Petersbourg. Carlo Jans finished his studies with a “Doctor in Arts” at the Academy of Music in Lodz (Poland).

In 1999, Carlo Jans was awarded a professorship for flute and conducting at the Conservatory of Luxembourg, thus beginning leading the orchestras of conservatory.

As conductor, he has accompanied soloists like Cyprien Katsaris, Steven Mead, Daniel Blumenthal, Janos Balint etc.

Besides cundicting concerts all over the Europe, Carlo Jans has made extensive amount of recordings. A.Locatelli violin concertos with Sandrine Cantoreggi (violin) and Latvian Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra; numerous recording of baroque trumpet concertos with Pierre Kremer (trumpet), trombone concertos with Marc Mayers, saxomphone concertos with Nadine Kauffmann, Beethoven Piano concerto No 4 with Cathy Krier and Symphony No 1 with Latvian Philharmonic Chamber orchestra. Numerous world premiere compositions for trumpet by Ewazen, Planel, Rick LaSalle, Frisch, Pütz and Jean Beers with various orchestras.
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